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Creating an effective advertising campaign takes a great deal of time and effort. Most businesses do not have the creative talent and expertise to handle advertising campaigns in-house. Additionally, advertising agencies provide an outside prospective on the product being promoted, bringing with them objectivity that can’t be found in an in-house marketing department. Many publications offer “free” design services, but they generally lack the strategic planning that a comprehensive advertising campaign requires. An ad created by one publication cannot usually be used in a competing publication. Advertising agencies spend time researching the best approach to advertising and can create themed campaigns that help enhance a company’s or product’s brand image. Good advertising agencies can carry those campaigns across several mediums, so that a company can present a constant image, whether advertising is placed on billboards, in newspapers, magazines, the Internet or on television and radio. There are also many services that advertising agencies provide that publications cannot. Agencies can also handle projects such as design of everything from business cards to marketing brochures that make sure your company looks its best. Time saving services, such as handling printing of brochures, overseeing photo shoots, and advertising placement are also normally available.
If you run a Small Business or Home Office and you spend less than $500,000 a year on advertising, sales promotions, and point of sale material, you should not be using a large, full-service advertising agency. Generally, such an agency can't afford to service your account properly, meaning profitably. The result equals?
Your ad dollars do not all go to your advertising. Too many will get consumed by the agency's overhead expenses.
On the other hand, effective advertising is not a job for amateurs. Too much is at stake to allow Martha in accounting, who paints by numbers on black velvet, to write or design your ads.
So, what do you do? Pay big bucks for a mega-buck agency or go on your own?
This is the dilemma facing most Small Business/Home Office people today. They, more than the big companies, need the extra professionalism and advice available from the major ad agencies. However, what the Small Business/Home Office operator's money often buys is simply the "prestige" of a big name. Small fish get eaten alive in the big agency pond.

There is a solution.    


Online advertising is the means of promoting a product on the Internet using various Internet features. With the arrival of Internet, the business world has become digitalized and people prefer buying things online, which is easier and faster. Online advertising otherwise known as e-advertising gives a new dimension and unique charm to the product, which is an added advantage.

The primary benefit of online advertising over offline business is monetary advantage, which cannot be gained locally. This leads to great progress in business, which is the ultimate aim of any businessman. Online advertising offers a wide spectrum of recognition, which is incomparable to any other mode of advertising.

Online advertising has no time limitations and is viewed day and night throughout the globe. Online advertising reduces the transaction cost and contributes to the profit of the company and is secure in competition against international marketing. The owner is much more satisfied because a secure business is more beneficial and reliable.

Certainly online advertising is one step ahead over others and helps to keep pace with the fast changing world. 'Pay- per- click' advertising is one form of advertisement and is a very cost effective way of getting advertised for the price of a half page advertisement in a regional newspaper.

Another form of online advertising, which is gaining popularity, is e- mail and it has enjoyed tremendous growth in the last few years. Since there is a change in trend of shifting from print to online, online advertising will continue to grow as long as the technology advances.

Small businesses find online advertising offering maximum exposure for a minimal cost. Small businesses target their ideal clients and find that online advertising is an affordable way of advertising. Online advertising gives a direct response, making it profitable to both the consumer and the seller. Banner advertisements depict in pictorial form and are commonly viewed on high traffic sites and also give a hyperlink back to the advertisers own site. The price varies according to the number of advertisements shown. Sponsorship advertisements are larger than banner advertisements and contain considerable amount of text and placed on engines or online newsletters. The price varies according to the number of readers of the newsletter.

The services of online advertisement agencies have made them to run the campaigns in an effective way and are more feasible. It also helps the marketers to keep an eye on the performance of advertising campaign, which is impossible in other types of media. This enables them to modify the campaign by analyzing the data thus targeting the customers. The online advertising agency ensures a wide reach to the audience through the central advertisement server since it uses online advertising network. In conclusion, online advertising is the cheapest and effective mode of advertising whose success has proved its potential.

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